Terra Bite Lounge

Terra Bite Lounge is an upscale voluntary payment cafe/deli.

We serve espresso, blended drinks, sandwiches, baked goods, and desserts in a hip upscale setting.

Patrons choose what to pay, and are encouraged to pay what they would elsewhere. You may use this as a convenience feature, e.g. get your daily coffee and drop in a $20 at the end of the week.

We also cheerfully serve those who cannot pay, in a non-stigmatizing customer setting, with no political or religious message, and with full-time availability.

Terra Bite shares profits with our baristas and will also donate profits to various charities. Those charities are strictly non-political, non-religious, and entirely non-controversial; they will be listed here on the web site.

The first space is in Kirkland, WA, on the corner of Kirkland Ave and State Street. If it works out we will open others in areas that actually need it.

We have free wifi access.

Terra Bite is also a console game boutique, offering free XBox/PS3 gaming and games for sale. The console games offer another draw for the public, introduce a greater social aspect to the space, add some revenue, and also let us balance the service and retail aspects of the space for zoning purposes.

Terra Bite is founded by Ervin Peretz and directed by Susan Allsup.

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